My dream has always been to create a unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry line and to share the work of incredible craftsman from my home country of Venezuela with the world. De Pana Madre's pieces are handcrafted and designed uniquely to give the consumer an exclusive piece of jewelry at an affordable price.

Inspired by life's beauty and all that it has to offer, here at De Pana Madre we have created a wonderful collection that is not only eye catching but made uniquely and solely for the passionate jewelry enthusiast. We combine love and passion with artistic design and demonstrate this through hand selected pieces that make De Pana Madre's exclusive collection. DPM's mission is to find the perfect piece for each and every customer and express it's beauty within the holder. Combining my Latin heritage with the influence's of the New York City streets creates the products we call DPM. New York's elegance, urban lifestyle, chic style and design gives our products a unique edge and one that will be remembered for years. Our mission is to inspire the everyday women - All day, Everyday, Anywhere.

By having a truly global connection and expressing this through jewelry gives our designers a voice in a market that otherwise wouldn't be heard. The more our independent entrepreneurs prosper, the more they change their world. Venezuela, my homeland is one of the most influential places that exists. With my homeland pride in mind, combined with the ever changing circumstances Venezuelans face daily, I'm creating the opportunity to express their amazing talent and help the everyday struggle they constantly endure. A voice for the people through art, hope and love!

De Pana Madre invites you along the journey to discovery our extraordinary handmade products. We encourage designers and artisans world wide to transcend borders and collaborate in this modern direction, creating art for the world. Every piece of jewelry is individually crafted using a variety of metals, unique findings, and semiprecious stones reflecting inspiration and personal stories.

Handcrafted jewelry is our passion!
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