De Pana Madre was named in honor of Venezuela, its citizens and females of the world. The term "De Pana" is a Venezuelan colloquial expression used commonly to express strong feeling towards a subject, person or thing, with "Madre" being the Spanish translation for mother. Combine these terms together and you have a dearing expression for mothers everywhere. "We deeply love you mother".

We are committed to providing great love and care through all our work. We strive to create designs that compliment the lifestyle we live and the world we live in. To do this, we source local Venezuelan artists and showcase their unique designs through our online site. There is no better way to celebrate life than wearing an exclusive piece of DPM, so bring back the love to jewelry and let your purchase create memories for a lifetime.   

Please take some time to browse the DPM collection and live the life a woman was made to live. For questions or comments please feel free to contact De Pana Madre, we love hearing from our valued customers.
"Handcrafted jewelry is our passion and your satisfaction is our priority".